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5 iPhone Apps to Manage Your Business Contacts

Simpler Pro Smart Contacts (Free)

Your iPhone comes with a stock address book, but why settle for that? Simper Pro Smart Contacts is a better way to keep track of your business contacts. It offers powerful search capabilities, letting you find contacts even if you can’t remember their names. The app will also help you clean up your contacts list, with the ability to purge old contacts, and clean up duplicate items in your address book. Plus, you can back up your contacts to Dropbox or Google Drive with one tap.

Apps to plan your workday

Are you busy running your small business? Juggling dozens of daily tasks isn’t easy. A wall calendar and a pen-and-paper to-do list can help, but there’s a smarter way to plan your workday: By using your Android smartphone. With the right apps you can plan your day, week, month or year – and really get things done. Whether you need to remember an appointment next month, or a business call later today, there’s an app for you. Your Android phone comes with a basic calendar app out of the box, which integrates with Google Calendar and lets you schedule appointments, set reminders and jot down a basic to-do list. But the stock Calendar app can’t do it all. Other apps have more options and deeper functionality to help you stay on top of things. Here are five of the best.

Day Planner: Jorte Calendar & Organizer (Free)

As a full calendar application, Jorte trails Business Calendar in overall design and ease of use. But for business users seeking an application to keep track of daily tasks, Jorte might come out on top. What makes this calendar app stand out is the ability to tap any day of the month and view your full agenda for the day at the bottom of the screen, without navigating away from the main calendar view. The feature lets you easily browse your daily schedules over multiple days quickly and easily. Overall, Jorte is a solid calendar app for Android devices that syncs with Google Calendar and lets you view and tweak your schedule in a variety of ways, set reminders and more.

Project Manager: Wrike (Free)

Wrike can help you get projects off the ground and see them through to the end. The project management app makes it easy to create a new project and assign team members with a few taps. From there, you can create, assign and schedule smaller tasks, and send and receive messages through Wrike’s built-in inbox. Other perks include the ability to attach images and files to your project right from your phone via cloud storage platforms like Google Drive or DropBox, or straight from your phone’s storage. Other quality-of-life perks include a daily checklist so you can make sure to stay on track.

Smart Calendar: Any.Do Cal (Free)

Any.Do Cal builds on the basic calendar app concept, but adds extra context to your events by pulling in information from your contacts list, maps app and more. For example, when scheduling a meeting or appointment, you can add contacts from your phone’s address book to the event. That lets you easily send out invitations and reminders via text or email. Or if you’re running late on the day of the meeting, you can fire off a message to let them know. Any.Do Cal can also access your smartphone’s GPS sensor so you can input the location of a meeting or event. Then when it’s time to go, you can access turn-by-turn directions with a single tap. In other words, the app streamlines the process of planning and attending meetings, making it a boon for busy business users. It also syncs with the original Any.Do app, which lets you create short- and long-term to-do lists.